10 must-go destinations in Phu Quoc

On Phu Quoc Island, apart from indulging yourself in fresh blue sea water, the beautiful nature and getting the fresh air of the sea and tropical green forest, you must not ignore the must-see destinations as each of them will give you a truly different and exciting experience.

1. Pepper Garden

Phu Quoc Pepper is a famous spice which is different from that of other regions with a strong spiciness. You can visit the pepper garden at Khu Tuong north of the Island, about 15 km away from Duong Dong Town. This is also a specialty bought by travelers as a gift or for consumption at home

2. Dinh Cau (simply known as Uncle’s Temple)

For those who love to study the local culture, this is one of the must-see destination on the Island as Dinh Cau was associated long time ago with Phu Quoc people who earned a living by catching seafood and who often came here to make an offering wishing for a peaceful, safe and sound sea trip with a big harvest. On a yearly basis of Oct 15 & 16 lunar calendar, people gather here to celebrate the big-scale festivals by burning incense and participating traditional games. In addition, you can enjoy watching the sun setting down on a beautiful dale by nature. At night you can experience the food specialties in this area as there are always many people gathering here

3. Suoi Tranh

The exciting thing in Phu Quoc is not only about indulging in blue sea water but also putting yourself in cool streams. Suoi Tranh is a famous destination in Phu Quoc having a beautiful nature with a year-round fresh air climate of tropical forest.

4. Bai Sao

This is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beach in Phu Quoc that has very clear sea water, smooth sand running more than 7 km and curving like a half moon. Bai Sao is considered as same level as other most beautiful beaches in the World. When in Phu Quoc you must not miss Bai Sao as to enjoy the beauty of its beach.

5. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

For those of you who love cultural touism, the ancient Ham Ninh Fishing Village in Phu Quoc is another must-see destination where you can learn about the life of the local fishermen as there are still originally simple traits with thatched cottages, bamboo walls carrying diversified local culture. At Ham Ninh, you can watch the sunrise and sunset in the most beautiful and poetical setting of the sea, sky and mountain. Here you can enjoy a great variety of seafoods catched live. If you have not experienced the steamed big crabs that means your trip is not a completely perfect one yet. 

6. Museum of Origins

This is another must-see destination for you to study the regional history and culture. Museum of Origins is where stories about Phu Quoc were told with 3,000 antiques in which 300 precious documents on Phu Quoc were written in Han, Vietnamese, English and French. In Addition, the traditional stilt houses reflect the ancient Phu Quoc rural setting. You can also know about Phu Quoc rare and precious Greyhounds in the Conservation Center 

7. Phu Quoc Prison

Upon coming here you will deeply understand about Phu Quoc Prison in the historical war. By seeing and hearing stories told you also will sympathy with the sufferings by our soldiers who showed their bravery and steadfast will and who sacrificed to protect our country against invaders. Phu Quoc Prison helps you to learn more about Vietnam history, patriotism and resilience of the soldiers

8. Phu Quoc National Forest

Considered as one of National Forests in Southern Vietnam retaining its untouched primitiveness, Phu Quoc National Forest is a wonderful exploration site for those who love the natural ecosystem in a fully harmonious combination of sea, forest, mountain, stream and fall.

9. Cape Ganh Dau

This is considered as the most special destination on Phu Quoc Island by its untouched beauty and characteristically by the scenic cape on the North West of Phu Quoc making it very attractive and probably very few of you know that Cape Ganh Dau is an ideal exploring site by international travelers. Ganh Dau has a beach in its archery bow shape stretching more 500 meters where you can dive, watch the beauty of underwater and contemplate the nature. From Cape Ganh Dau you can overlook Vietnam- Cambodia sea border.

10. Fish Sauce Manufacturing (barrel) House

Though this is not a seeing sight, it is, however, one of Phu Quoc’s specialty well-known locally and internationally. Intensely flavoured, Phu Quoc fish sauce is carefully fermented in order to produce a superbly nuttier and richer flavor that is characteristically Phu Quoc. At the moment, Phu Quoc has more than 100 fish sauce manufacturing (barrel) houses at all sizes and regularly produces thousands of fish sauce litres every year. Here you have a chance to learn about the manufacturing process and enjoy the original taste. This is the specialty that you cannot miss bringing home



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